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Dehydrated Healthy Snacks for the Whole Family


About Parched

Our online store was founded during the pandemic that has rocked the whole world. Observing that there is a lack of wholesome snacks in the market, we found Parched to provide you with healthy snacks while you are watching your favorite show on Netflix. 

Unlike other snacks, our Parched dehydrated fruits and vegetables are made from real fruit and vegetables with no added preservatives. REAL FRUIT, REAL VEGETABLES nothing else. The only ingredient is 100% dehydrated fruits and vegetables, that's it. 

We are dedicated to bringing you new innovative snacks to tickle your taste buds, while always ensuring that they are good for you.  At Parched, we guarantee that every single morsel you put into your mouth will be of the freshest and the highest quality fruits and vegetables.

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